Soda Fountain Machine For Your Restaurant

A soda fountain machine is a device whose purpose is to dispense carbonated drinks. These machines can be visualized in various places such as restaurants, concession stands, and other locations like the convenience stores. The soda fountain machine makes use of water, carbon dioxide and syrup to produce soft drinks. Essentially there are various types of these machines. Here we discuss the features of some machines.

The two flavor tower soda fountain machine can be used for home or office. This stainless dispenser which is compact in size is capable of being blended in a variety of settings without consuming much counter space. It has a very normal hook-up. The lines have been pre-assembled and they are labeled. The entire fittings have been clamped for a very easy installation. Also the two flavor tower soda fountain machine includes 2 syrup pumps and mounting bracket with BIB housing. It also connects primary and secondary carbon dioxide regulators along with 5 lb carbon dioxide tank, high pressure hosing, carbonator and a remote cooler.

This type of machine dispenses the product at the proper temperature which could prevent carbonation loss. The two flavor tower soda fountain machine needs electricity, carbon dioxide gas, syrup and a water supply to be perfectly running. It costs around $1795.00. The three flavor tower and four flavor tower soda fountain machine models have more or less similar features as that of the two flavor tower machine. However they are comparatively costlier than the two flavor tower machine owing to their durability and reliability. 

The high edge model is the multi flavor machine, 17 valve, 10 valves, 12 valves, 8 valves, 6 valves soda fountain machine etc. All of them are endowed with their own distinct and unique features. Freestyle machine is introduced to the market by the coco-cola company. It is a touch screen model. This machine is used for various coco-cola products as well as custom flavors. The technologies involved consist of micro dispensing technology plus proprietary pure pour technology. This micro dosing plays a great role in blending the concentrated ingredients in 46 ounce packets along with water as well as sweetener on the position where beverage be dispensed, as a result avoiding the exercise of traditional 5 gallons of syrup boxes.

The cartridges stock up concentrated ingredients within the dispenser cabinet. They are advantageous as they be RFID permitted. This soda fountain machine uses RFID chips to detect the supplies. The maximum output from the freestyle soda machine is 95 drinks per hour.  They provide a prominent usage as a public place where neighbors can meet and exchange day-to-day happenings. In the earlier part of 20th century a lot of soda fountain machines turned out to be lunch counters that served light meals and ice cream sodas etc.  Know the best brands and purchase the model that you like and best fits your personal or commercial requirement.

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